Sugar Candy Mountain Studios

The studio is composed of an entire 300 year old home that was renovated in 2007. The building was renovated using natural elements, oils, and paints in an attempt to retain its original style. The studio contains 6 recording rooms with variable acoustics that are all interconnected with mogami, digital, and cat 5 cables to both our control and machine rooms. This enables our clients to capture the diverse sounds of our recording spaces. The wide range of recording equipment, instruments, and recording rooms give infinite possibilities for creating new sounds.

THE lounge offers a comfortable place to relax when not recording. It also offers remote recording possibilities so one can take advantage of the acoustics of our local churches, castles and other interesting recording spaces.
The studio is located in Pobiena Poland for more information visit the website below.

Sugar Candy Mountain Studio
Castledine Music Studio

Currently getting assembled in Los Angeles CA. Primarily set up for mixing, mastering, and music production. Features an array of analog modular synths, analog I/O, select outboard gear, and a massive collection of digital scoring and music production tools.

In its completion this studio will be set up for 5.1 and ambisonic mixing, surround sound encoding, music mastering in a digital/analog hybrid set-up, scoring to picture, and stem mixing.