Music Licensing and Sync

We work with composers, labels, and musicians to bring you a library of pre-cleared music available for all of your licensing needs. We can curate and compose original music based on client briefs , or you can browse our pre-cleared content online for your immediate needs.  All the music in our online library is available and cleared for immediate licensing.

Composition and Scoring

Submit a brief to have our in house composers go to work creating custom cues, scoring, or song writing for your media project. Our composers are industry leaders in musical content creation and come from diverse musical backgrounds.

Main Theme and Show Packages

We specialize in theme music and package deals for TV shows, web series, and podcasts. Let us take your production to new sonic heights through our complete sound design and music Hard Drive Service.

What do we do?

We are a North American full service music production and licensing company with a global reach specializing in the placement and creation of music for Advertising, Film, Telivision, Trailers, Podcasts, and Video Games. We represent a growing body of select composers, bands, sound designers, and songwriters through out the world. CMS is NOT a typical stock library or licensing house farming large bodies of un-recognizable music. Our composers and artists come from rich and diverse musical backgrounds.

How can we work with you?

We work with a variety of content creators big and small across a wide range of media formats. Whether working on a small score for an independent production or a large scale library of custom music and sound design for a television series, we pride ourselves in delivering unparalleled audio content. Our process involves composing and curating custom music based on client guidelines and briefs with a fast turnaround for revisions. Much of our music is also available in stems and stings if needed.